Area Map to Kolob Gate Gardens

Extreme Southwest Utah. Zion National Park is the pink area in the middle the map. Kolob Gate Gardens (see X on map) sits 2 miles north of the town of Virgin on the Kolob Terrace Road at the entrance to Sunset Canyon. Kolob is a word that means nigh to the throne of God and that is the feeling that one gets when ascending up the Kolob Terrace Road. Kolob Gate is the gateway to this sacred landscape, one of the most incredible landscapes on Earth. Kolob Gate Gardens is being developed to not only preserve the open, undeveloped views of this canyon, but to allow as much public access and enjoyment as possible. This is land that should have been part of the park and will be treated as such. The vision for Kolob Gate Gardens is to be a retreat compound and arts center that is light on the land and respectful of its setting. Buildings will be nestled into their sites and the architecture will be inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright. Inspiration awaits for all.